African Writers Wanted

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Dear Prospective Scribe,

Welcome to ISOKO Africa. In case you have not heard about us, we are an African organisation targeted at spotlighting African Brands from within Africa and beyond. We are currently in search of the best scribes who can tell Africa's story by talking about its Brands and all economic activity that influences our market be it Tech, Culture, Politics, Art, Economics, Social Development etc. 

We hope to provide the best platform for you to grow, network, learn and most especially disrupt diasporan markets! We are looking for the Bold, the Daring & the Badass writers so feel free to express yourself.

Should we love you, we will tell you we are obsessed! And these are the benefits of our Writers Fellow Programme;

1. Become An Influencer: Because you are so passionate about Africa, we want the World to know more about you so we will advertise you as an influencer on our platform which means every story you contribute, you get tagged as an author. Think of it as a "Grow As We Grow" Relationship.
2. Diversity: So we are ambassadors of Diversity which means you get to work from home, as any gender, or any nationality, in basic foreign languages (French & English), as any religion & tribe, no racial discrimination, from any country & at all time. We only ask that you deliver on time. We have our meetings online & a community on a digital platform where you can connect with a diverse team across the world as the team grows.
3. African Voices: In the spirit of spreading the African cheer, we know that there are amazing people close to you who are awesome & therefore the world must know about them! So, we want you to be our African Voice. After training, you get the opportunity to  interview World Leaders for our Podcast Feature.
4. Best Team & Opportunities: Join the best team on this side of Earth where your opinions count, where you help African brands dominate global charts, eat pizza, do yoga & wear prints lifestyle, get to advertise your own brands & products for free and build Africa's number 1 platform for the World.
5. Earn as You Write: Bear in mind that we are a Bootstrapping Company so we do not have the Big Bucks - YET! However, we know you put in some internet & time so we are willing to share our coins. Once a story is approved and goes LIVE, you cash out - Coins!

Do you feel dizzy yet? I thought you were a writer! Still interested in joining our team? We are not looking for everyone!

Click below on the link below to apply Now.