...inspiring, informative & fun.

“I am loving all these podcasts, very inspiring, informative & fun to listen to. I also love the different angles the discussions bring to an issue. Never been a Pocast listener but when I gave Isoko Africa a listen it has been inspiring, educative & fun. These podcasts are worth a listen if you are growing to build a lasting brand. Well done Tope Hassan. Can't get enough of these. Thank you."

— Jemila Kpanja.

Enjoyable & Learning platform!

“So I'm catching up on IsokoAfrica's podcasts and I am enjoying them. Listening to Tobboe and I'm learning quite a bit. I'd listen to the Simeon Ononobi one tomorrow on my way too Warri. I'm quite nterested in SimplePay.”

— Ochuko Akpomudjere

... helful for business owners.

“I really love the podcast this week! So insightful. As a listener, I feel like I would want to go back and listen to learn. Really good. In the sense that any business owner can learn from it. I learnt from it. Was making mental note as I was driving lol”

— Mary Fashanu

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