Humans of Ghana

On arrival in Accra, Ghana, our team spent the first day, 29th Sunday January 2017 to visit the malls & markets. Our goal was to hear from the Humans of Ghana on their opinion of their admired brands and preferred African brands.

We visited Makola Market, Accra Mall and Marina Mall in accra and disccussed with amazing Ghanaians who showed spirit of patriotism and passion for local merchandise.

We asked them questions like;  "What do you hope to see in an African brand?"; "What are the short comings you experience is buying African brands?", "What are the issues you've had using African Brands?"; "What are your favorite Global Brands"; "What are your favorite African Brands" and "What problems do you have with Ghanaian Brands?".


29 January 2017 - Dodowa, Accra

Zaacoal is a coal company producing Charcoal from coconut waste in Ghana. Isoko Africa met with the Zaacoal Team at their factory in Dodowa where we inspected their production process and interviewed Amin Sulley Abubakar, Founder of ZAACOAL.


30 January 2017 - Kokomlemle, Accra

Horseman Shoes is a Ghanaian based footwear manufacturing company. It's products include men’s dress shoes, unisex sandals and slippers, school sandals and safety boots. We visit Horseman Shoes flagship store in Komkomlemle where we met & interviewed Tonyi Senayah, founder of Horseman Shoes & also referred to as The President's Shoemaker.


30 January 2017 - Kokomlemle, Accra

Wear Ghana, a bespoke and ready-to-wear clothing designer created by 2 Ghanaian Divas; Abena & Angorkor, co-founders as they were involved in rolling out more pieces for their new GIGI Line.

Wear Ghana produces in their home compound in Gbawe and stocks in major stores in the city, delivering to a vast customer base abroad.


30 January 2017- Dome, Accra 

Real People's Company is a Ghana based creative company producing bags for the inspired African on a journey to greatness. Paul Kweku Akriofe, founder of RPC is dedicated to developing concepts that are locally inspired yet globally oriented. We interviewed Paul on our Podcast discussing RPC as a growing local brand ready to thrive in Global Markets.


31 January 2017 - East Legon, Accra

MEST, known as the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology is an incubator and training school that trains, mentors and invests in world-class tech entrepreneurs in AFRICA.  Ashwin R., General Manager of MEST Incubator gave a tour of the incubator, introducing the team to Fellows, Entrepreneurs in Training [EITs] and the team. We interviewed Raquel & Mike [Fellows], Josephine & Stella [EITs], Kelechi Udoagwu & Ashwin R.


31 January 2017 - East Legon, Accra

Skrife is a content creation platform co-founded by Kelechi Udoagwu providing brands, startups and entrepreneurs with credible content for their websites, magazines and social media platforms. Kelechi is also the Communication Manager at MEST.


30 January 2017 - Kokomlemle, Accra

Joy Media is a Ghana Media company with platforms on Radio, TV and Online Media; reporting news from the heart of Ghana. We met with Emma Morrison and Kukua Appiah, who interviewed the founder of Isoko Africa on the Joy Business Segment.


30 January 2017 - 

Global Shapers Accra is an impact hub constituted by phenomenal & amazing young Ghanaians committed to shaping its community through innovation, economic & political engagement.We interviewed 2 global shapers on ISOKO Africa's podcast. discussing African Brands in Ghana.


28 Jan - 31 January 2017. Accra, GHANA

A huge appreciation to Larissa Bowen-DooDo of Global Shapers & Kelechi Udoagwu of Skrife for recommending amazing Ghana Brands that we interacted with during our trip. Our appreciation to Mr. Kofi ARHIN of Societe Generale