Brycee ADIAH BASSEY - American Nollywood Actress



Meet Brycee ADIAH BASSEY, Nollywood Actress, Writer & Violinist, who, at the age of 4, started acting in plays and Theatre. After graduating with a Degree in Modern and Classical Literature in Spanish, she left the flourishing market in the US and kick-started her professional acting career in the Nollywood industry. Some of her work includes Deadline and The Perfect Union. Winning awards like Best Actress in a TV Series, she has created a unique style and quality in her craft, transcending over the typical stereotypes in the industry. In this interview, she gives us scoops on how she is taking over the industry in Africa & Worldwide.


Brycee is also passionate about young emerging professional women like her, inspiring and helping women grow in different projects she is involved in. A woman who is African yet Global in mind-set and vision. Connect with Brycee on social media.

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